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Latest: 15 July, start 1:30 pm

Show opens at 1:30pm 

Claygate Village Weekend

Country 5  Run, 9th July 

Flower & Village Show
Saturday, 15th July 2017

Gig on the Rec, 16th July


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President's Welcome

It is an enormous pleasure to welcome you to this year’s Claygate Flower and Village Show.
The best weekend in the Claygate calendar starts for me on the Thursday before the show. Volunteers appear from out of our red-brick pavements and the recreation ground becomes a sea of activity. With the hammer of wooden mallets on tent pegs, a field of white marquees emerges and before long we’re thrown into the craziness of classic cars, performing poodles, marching bands and exotic animals. Not to mention the arts, crafts, food, plants and gifts on sale on the stalls, or the extraordinary exhibitions inside the marquees.

Recently when much talk globally has been about moving away from our neighbours, the Claygate Flower and Village Show is a life-affirming celebration of coming together. This year we’ll want to continue to support the re-building of our Pavilion after the devastating fire in November. Your involvement with the show has already enabled the committee to help with funding Project Phoenix, as well as other local causes. Joining forces, having fun and making the village just simply a brilliant place in which to live, is what makes Claygate so incredibly special.

I would personally encourage everyone attending the show to get involved for a bit of a laugh. We all love a bit of a competition. Admire the talent we have in the village but also appreciate those exhibits that, well, perhaps didn’t go quite so right on the night! Whatever you’re even slightly tempted by, be it the photography, horticulture or domestic exhibitions; the tug of war – but don’t beat my netball team please ladies; the children’s races or indeed the Claygate Country Five on Sunday 9th July, do give it a go. I hope you have a really lovely day. .

Susannah Moffat

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