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The Website Treasure Hunt

Help the poor Rabbit find the Bunch of Carrots and win Prizes

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The Bunch of Carrots
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The Website Treasure Hunt for 2016 is all about helping a poor rabbit find the bunch of carrots they lost in a maze!
All the paths in maze look the same so you will have to explore them to see if the bunch of carrots is there.

To get to the maze you need to look around the pages of this site and find the pictures of the poor rabbit (see left).  Just ONE of the pictures will lead you to the MAZE.  So try clicking / touching every one you see.

Once you find your way through the maze to the bunch of carrots you will be able to stake your claim to prize.
All the valid claims will be put in a hat and a winner for each Treasure Hunt will be drawn at random. 

The LAST Treasure Hunt is now set!
The winner will selected at random from valid claims received before midnight, Wednesday 13th July 2016

The Treasure Hunt will be reset several times before The Show so you have multiple chances to win.  
The prize for each Treasure Hunt is a family pack of tickets to the Claygate Flower & Village Show and a programme.

To help you out on some pages there will be 'Treasure Hunt Clues' - just click / touch them - some are more helpful than others!

There will be a new hunt set every month until The Show and if the treasure is found quickly there may be a second hunt in that month - so check back here to see what is happening.

Maximum of one prize per household per year.

Good luck - start helping the rabbit now!

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Carrots are root vegetables that are part of the Parsley family and are related to parsnips, fennel and celery.  They are usually orange in colour but can also be purple, black, red, white or yellow.   Carrots are also extremely good for you. They are high in fibre and brimming with beta-carotene, which the body uses to make vitamin A, a nutrient that’s needed for growth and healthy hair and skin as well as good vision. Studies have shown many children and adults have intakes well below the recommended levels. Carrots are also naturally low in calories, fat, saturates and salt. An 80g serving – that’s equivalent to about ½ a medium-sized carrot or 3 heaped tablespoons – counts as one of your recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day.    The Great British Carrots website has lots more details! 

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A Bunch of Carrots

You can cook with CARROTS!  So you could do a carrot recipe and enter it into The Show.  The BBC website has several recipes for you to try!

OR you could grow some carrots and enter them.  The BBC website has guidance and help on growing carrots.  But you had better get started right away as they take 12 weeks grow from seeds!


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The popular website Treasure Hunt returns this year. This time you're looking for this poor rabbit's carrots!  More>

This year you need to search the website for the picture above. Just one of them will take you to the MAZE where this poor rabbit has lost a bunch of carrots. Please help find them!

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What's going to be in the Stalls Village?
See a list of stalls

The Stalls Village has become a firm favourite in The Show over the years.  This year we have a great line up of stalls for you!

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Enter an exhibit in the arts and crafts classes!  Look at this winner from 2014.

While the origin of The Show is fruit, vegetable and flower exhibits, there are now many well contested classes in the arts and crafts arena.  Take a look and give it a try!