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Latest: 15 July, start 1:30 pm

Show opens at 1:30pm 

Claygate Village Weekend

Country 5  Run, 9th July 

Flower & Village Show
Saturday, 15th July 2017

Gig on the Rec, 16th July

Stalls Village

The Souk of Claygate!

Would you like to host a stall at next year’s Show?
As well as 6000 local people seeing your stall, you’ll get a link to your website from our website.

Contact Katherine Rumsey on 01372 464911

Your Stall Name here

Your website here


The Stalls Village just gets better every year, showcasing over 50 local businesses and charities.
You’ll find everything from inspirational gifts and beautiful silver jewellery, to stylish accessories, as well as assorted cakes, chutneys and mouth-watering fudge. We’re also welcoming new stalls this year, including a corn on the cob snack-shack!
As well as all this, you’ll find information about local services, charities
and clubs - and raise money for good local causes too.

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