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Division F Classes

Floral Exhibits

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Prize winning arrangement

Flowers may be home grown or purchased. All Classes are exhibits unless otherwise stated.

There are Open Classes, Novice Classes, Over 60s and Interpretative Classes included in the Division.  Class 160 is specially designed to encourage 10 to 16 year olds to get involved.

The Judge for Division F will be Mrs A Sparks

Open Class are intended to encourage entries from people who would like to develop their flower arranging talents.  The Over 60s class is limited to Claygate Residents.  The Interpretative Classes are judged in accordance with the NAFAS Competitions Manual, a copy of which is available in the Secretary’s tent on the day.

You can download the list of classes for Division F below.  It is in PDF format so if you need a pdf reader then please Click Here  Note: Please check the suggested extras with the reader to ensure you want them.  Also if your operating system is not Windows 8.1 (eg android) then click the above link and take the option for 'different language or operating system'.

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Division F Classes Download

The Class list here is for guidance only. The Programme carries the definitive list.

Download the Division Class List (pdf format)
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Practice your arranging now!

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The popular website Treasure Hunt returns this year. This time you're looking for this poor rabbit's carrots!  More>

This year you need to search the website for the picture above. Just one of them will take you to the MAZE where this poor rabbit has lost a bunch of carrots. Please help find them!

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Try your hand at online fruit picking with our new online game!

For 2016 we have a new online game for you to try. It's all about picking bananas from a flying saucer - as you do!

Give it a try!

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Enter an exhibit in Class 160 - Flower Arranging - in the Senior classes.

This is a special class for 10 to 16 year olds.