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Tug of War!

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Get Your Tug Of War Team Ready!
Back by popular demand - is the Claygate Tug Of War!
Test your strength against Claygate’s strongest!

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The Claygate Tug of War starts at 1.40pm, next to the Children’s Sports area in front of the Pavilion Café.

Get your Team of 8 together (over 16s only) and start flexing your
muscles! To enter your team, email
before 24 June.

Spiked shoes or studded football boots must NOT be worn.
The Claygate Flower & Village Show accepts no responsibility for injury or illness.

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Tips on Tug of War

Like all games and sports, Tug of War has tactics and techniques that help your team win.  Most important is to act as a TEAM!  When you pull, all pull together.  Your team may need a skipper who orchestrates the team's attack.

Wrapping the rope around the arm can result in a broken bone and loss of blood flow. Wrapping the rope around the wrong part of the body can cause internal injury, and wrapping it around the neck is just ... (yes, people are that stupid). Spikes and studs in the footware can cause injury when a pull collapses. They can also cause strains and breaks if the feet get stuck in the ground. 

Tug of war is not a pulling event but a pushing event: you push with your legs and dragging the rope (and opposition) with you. Keep your arms and body straight so that the full power of your legs are transferred the rope.

The above advice is from the website.  Get all their advice HERE

Remember, it's PUSH not PULL!


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The popular website Treasure Hunt returns this year. This time you're looking for this poor rabbit's carrots!  More>

This year you need to search the website for the picture above. Just one of them will take you to the MAZE where this poor rabbit has lost a bunch of carrots. Please help find them!

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What's going to be in the Stalls Village?
See a list of stalls.

The Stalls Village has become a firm favourite in The Show over the years.  This year we have a great line up of stalls for you!

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Enter an exhibit in the arts and crafts classes!  Look at this winner from 2014.

While the origin of The Show is fruit, vegetable and flower exhibits, there are now many well contested classes in the arts and crafts arena.  Take a look and give it a try!