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The Post Show Report

Festivities Galore at the 2016 Claygate Flower & Village Show! 

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The exhibits tent 2016

It was a cracker of a Claygate Flower & Village Show and the sun was out for over 5000 visitors. The atmosphere across the showground was merry and lively and the Claygate Tug of War in particular attracted huge cheers.
Spurred on by the crowd, the Claygate Village Netball Club confidently retained the Women’s title. The Men’s Tug of War final was won by the Davies Estate Team, who sweated hard to claim the cup. Tim Coffin said: “It was great fun and in our team we had six pulls, so we did amazingly well. I’m shaking through exhaustion and also the fact we won!”

The Thames Valley Morris Men were back to entertain the crowds and even showed off their Tug of War prowess! An amazing juggler of swords and fire drew gasps and laughter, and the 1st Claygate Scout and Guide Band set the high standard for the rest of the afternoon’s arena entertainment.

Claygate Primary School Art Club and Rosa Johnson won the prestigious Junior Best Exhibit Cups with their incredible celebrations of the Queen’s 90th birthday, and Rowan Preparatory School’s colourfully patterned ‘Mini Moos’ went down a treat. The Fancy Dress Parade was won by Eleanor Morgan as a wonderful ‘Cat in a Hat’, and Louis won the ‘Best Rescue’ class in the Companion Dog Show, having been found injured and starving on the streets of Bucharest a few months ago.

This wonderful village afternoon showcased the warmth and creativity of Claygate with dancing and martial art displays, children’s races, puppet shows, face-painting, classic cars, and all kinds of animals from Shetland Ponies to bees. Mayor Tannia Shipley, who opened the Show, said: “Claygate’s a special village with a strong community. The Show has an amazing number of volunteers, who are absolutely priceless!”

For photos or more information, please contact: Miriam Schafer, Claygate Flower & Village Show Press Officer, 07899 694310,

Join in the fun and have a go next year!

Graphics and designs for 2016 kindly donated by Toasted Crumpet

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And there will be all the attractions there on the day!

This year we've got lots of things for you to enjoy, including the Tug of War, Ferret Racing, Traditional Children's Games and the full arena programme.  And the Fancy Dress parade and .... lots, lots more!

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The popular website Treasure Hunt returns this year.  This time you're looking for this poor rabbit's carrots! More>

This year you need to search the website for the picture above.  Just one of them will take you to the MAZE where this poor rabbit has lost a bunch of carrots.  Please help find them!

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Try your hand at online fruit picking with our new online game!

For 2016 we have a new online game for you to try.  It's all about picking bananas from a flying saucer - as you do!

Give it a try!

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Enter an exhibit in the arts and crafts classes!  Look at this winner from 2014.

While the origin of The Show is fruit, vegetable and flower exhibits, there are now many well contested classes in the arts and crafts arena.  Take a look and give it a try!